Power backup

In Yetichem we have two automatic generator and UPS system for power backup. In case of power failure generators is started automatically within 30 seconds of outage. Computer system are backed up by UPS system.


Model: AIRMAN-SDG45 (Diesel Brushless Generator)


  • Capacity: – 37 KVA
  • Operating system: Automatic
  • Self-start time: Within 30 Seconds of power outage or cycle fluctuate
  • Company: Kubota, Japan



Brushless AC generator


  • Capacity: – 20 KVA
  • Vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine
  • Revolving field, brushless AC generator
  • Vertical, water-cooled,
  • 4-cycle diesel engine



Tower Model


  • Protection: OverVoltage, OverCurrent, ShortCircuit
  • Form Factor: Tower Model
  • Input Voltage: 180-260
  • Form Factor: Tower Model